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Marmaris Cleopatra Islands With Soft Drinks


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Marmaris Cleopatra Islands With Soft Drinks

The island of Cleopatra, known as Sedir Island, is only a half-hour drive from Marmaris and a 25-minute pleasure boat ride. According to the legend, the King of Alexandria, Anthony of Egypt

Queen Cleopatra of Eygpt

As a gift for the love of each of these sands brought in the same size. Other features of this particular sand, which is known to exist only in two parts of the Earth, are also burning in the fire, spontaneously in the water, and moving when examined under the magnifying glass. The unique beauty of the sands, which are formed by the accumulation of carbonate sludge around a core, is one of the other features of the Island which are worth seeing. Therefore, it is protected by the state and the sand is not allowed to be transported.

Guided tours of Gokova Bay and the island of  Cleopatra, Just 30 kilometers from Marmaris in the beautiful Gokova Bay is the legendary ancient city of Kedrai, better known in our time as Cleopatra’s Island. Legend has it that the island of Cleopatra was presented by her second lover – the great Roman commander and politician

King Mark Anthony

During their Anatolian honeymoon trip to the cities and islands of the Mediterranean Sea. Their journey began in the city of Antakia and lasted 6 months, ending in Ephesus. It is known that during this voyage the commander gave the queen not only islands, but also entire cities, which the Senate in Rome did not like very much.

Sand on the island of Cleopatra

By order of the legendary commander, especially for Cleopatra, from Egypt brought several galleys of unique white sand, which has survived to this day and is found only in Africa. The grains of sand resemble small white pearls and, like pearls, are of organic origin. On the beach you can see special barriers, and you can get on it only from the sea. In winter, sand on the island is collected in special barrels so that waves and current do not wash it off

Cleopatra Island – Antique Kedrai

In addition to the unique sand and fabulously beautiful beach, the island of Cleopatra is also interesting by the ruins of the ancient Carian city of Kedrai. A small theater, the Apollo Temple and the fortress walls of the island are well preserved to our times. During the Roman Empire, Lebanese cedar was supplied from this region for the construction of ships, from where the name of the island of Kedrai or the modern Turkish island of Sedir comes from. The island of Cleopatra, indeed, can be called a “royal gift.”

Tip                                                     : Kleopatra Adası

Ülke                                                   : Türkiye

Şehir                                                 : Marmaris

Hareket Saati                               : 09:15

Dönüş Saati                                   : 16:30

Tur Başlangıç ​​Noktası             : Lütfen otelinizin ana giriş kapısında zamanında hazır olunuz.

Unutmayın                                    : Yüzme Kıyafeti, Fotoğraf Makinesi, Havlu, Güneş Kremi, Güneş Gözlüğü

Neler Dahil?                                 : Öğle Yemeği Barbekü Tavuk, Salata, Makarna, Full Sigorta, Transfer

Hariç Tutulanlar                        : Kişisel harcamalar Burada belirtilmeyen diğer Yiyecek ve İçecekler.

Not                                                    : Harika bir gün sadece eğlenin

ana iskeleden ve Marmaris’in çeşitli yerlerinden kalkan teknelerle organize edilmektedir.



  • Specialized bilingual guid
  • Lunch BBQ Chicken,
  • Salad,
  • Pasta,
  • Soft beverages Drinks,
  • Full Insurance,
  • Transfer
  • Additional Services
  • Alcoholic
  • Tickets


5 – 7 hours

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We’ll depart early for our amazing 3 Day
Boat trip to the stunning natural wonder of Ha Long Bay
We’ll cruise on beautiful emerald green waters
Boat through towering limestone islands topped with rainforest
Our traditional Vietnamese ‘junk’ boat through towering
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