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Marmaris To Koycegiz Lake Dalyan Tour by Bus


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Marmaris To Koycegiz Lake Dalyan Tour by Bus

By Bas

Koycegiz Lake Dalyan Tour, a true natural wonder, is a world-famous natural area under protection. Marmaris is 76 km by road and daily boat trips are 1 hour and 30 minutes away. The beautiful coast of Caunos, also known as the Turtle Beach, is also known by its name from ancient times. Caretta Caretta Turtles, which face the danger of extinction, leave their eggs every summer. Rock tombs can be seen from the end of the docks in Dalyan BC. It is one of the must-see places in the 4th century.
On the other hand, feeling the healthy effect of mud bath and sulfur hot water on your skin is the most special part of this tour.

  • History, nature, health, fun all in this trip. Turtle beach is the best sandy beach in Turkye.
  • One side of the beach s salt water and the other side s fresh water.
  • Take a bath at the healthy mud and thermal pools for your skin.
  • See the King Tombs dating back to hundreds of years and sail on African Queen, You wll love it.

Dalyan Koycegiz

Turkey, with the north-west is a charming town with 4 different activities 6,000 famous mud baths and rock tombs fish farms and most important turtle beach real name iztuzu plajı.plaj 5 km long and 200 meters wide with a side of Köyceğiz lake and Dalyan river of fresh water on the other side of the Mediterranean. Turtle beach Koycegiz Lake Dalyan Tour world famous sea turtles karetta karetta come here every summer to select the region they choose to select the purpose of the beach because of the fine and soft sand structure of the day and because of the warm weather and sand turtles come here at night turtles come they can sniff a suitable place for 50 to 60 centimeters and lay 80 to 120 eggs in it, and after 2 months, these eggs ripen and the baby turtles come into the world only 5% of these turtles.

Turtles Beach

i or 10% continue to live while others crabs birds fish and some wild animals that are feeds of foxes is a balance of nature, this place is only dalyan and turtle beach environment protection and state protection under the evening from 8 am to 8 am people are forbidden to go to the beach between these hours turtles going to the beach and breeding hours .. Now we will have a 1-hour swimming break on the beach, then we will go to the baths again using the same boats, we will always come on time, sun loungers on the beach, toilets are chargeable toilets, top changing cabins and cafeterias.

Rock Tombs

The tombs of Lycian and Carian civilizations built 400 years ago, the tombs of the people, because they believe that they will be resurrected after the death of the sun god to make themselves closer to the sun and closer to the sun built the tomb of the person who built the tomb of the time kaonus, tur to make the graves, he brought about 4000 slaves from corn and it took 6 years to build a grave. captured and killed a lot of people, and so the construction of a lot of graves are incomplete. s (milk) you can walk around when you enter a small room is the size, there are 3 sets to put their body goods and jewelery is now only inside the tomb is empty because of the looting and pillage by the hunter hunters in 1912.


Some foreign archaeologists have done here in historical excavations they did not know the importance and value of the Ottoman Empire in that period did not prevent the exit of these works and these works are exhibited in some museums these spain Madrid museum in Austria vienna museum and british museum in london british kingdom in England. kaonus According to the legend, the king Kaunos fell in love with each other with his twin sister biblis,

This situation was not welcomed by their families, so the father miletus removed the son of Caunos from the city, and the likes of Kaunos came here and established a new city. 4 years later, when his sister found the biblis king chaunus, he learned that he was married to someone else, and this situation made him very sad, and his brother, who could not stand this sadness, committed suicide by combing the reef. has been the subject of a divide has been the subject dalyan. Dear guests, this is where we come from

Mud Baths

here we will have a 1 hour break top changing cabinets are toilets and showers are on this side first, if you have silver jewelry, otherwise you remove the sulfuric water jewelry on the table where you leave your tops with towels, then just swim in the swimming pool will be 60 cm deep into the pool kayurgundam crawl all over your body except your eyes by entering into the pool and then dry out of the pool to dry 3 5 minutes after drying will be like a mask on your skin skin diseases and pimples buddha will be good, then take a shower and clean the mud and then enter the sulfuric water 39 degree temperature sulfurous water rheumatism and sciatica diseases are good for the small boat at the time I appeared

Type                                  : Dalyan Turtle Beach

Counrtry                          : Turkey

City                                     : Marmaris

Departure Time            : 08:30

Return Time                   : 18:00

Tour Start point            : Please be ready on time at the main entrance gate of your hotel.

Don’t Forget                   : Swimming Costumes, Camera,Towels, Sunscream, Sunglasses

What’s Included?          : Lunch BBQ Chicken, Salad, Pasta, Full Insurance,  Transfer

What Excludes               : Personal expenditures Other Food and Drinks not mentioned here.

Notice                                 : It is a Fantastic day just have fun




  • Specialized bilingual guid
  • Lunch BBQ Chicken,
  • Salad,
  • Pasta,
  • Full Insurance,
  • Transfer
  • Additional Services
  • Drink
  • Tickets


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