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Marmaris To Salda And Pamukkale

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Marmaris To Salda And Pamukkale

Marmaris White Tour, more descriptively, Marmaris Salda Lake & Pamukkale Tour is a magnificent Marmaris daily tour option where you can observe how the white color associated with purity and clarity, with all its generosity, is home to magnificent natural beauties and a deep-rooted history. So much so that during this tour, the azure waters and white sands of Salda Lake, known as Turkey’s Maldives; The fascinating travertines, warm thermal waters and famous Hierapolis of Pamukkale, which has engraved its name on the UNESCO World Heritage list, will come together and offer you completely different adventures in one day of your Marmaris holiday.

In short, if you are tired of the stereotypical actions such as swimming, sunbathing and retreating to a hotel room that come to mind when you think of summer vacation, and you are looking for much more, let us take you from Marmaris to both Salda Lake and Pamukkale. Take advantage of the blessings of nature and the shock of the ancient worlds, accompanied by an extremely comfortable journey!

If Marmaris White Tour intrigued you, please continue reading and learn all about the tour content. We are sure that by the time you reach the end of the article, you will already be convinced!


Preparation Phase for Marmaris White Tour (Lake Salda & Pamukkale)

Before we explain in detail what we will do during the Marmaris White Tour, in this section, we will share some information you need to know before booking Marmaris White Tour and tips for preparing your travel bag completely. Therefore, it may be helpful to read this section carefully.

First of all, it is a tour with a lot of sightseeing, so it will include walking as much as possible. Therefore, Marmaris White Tour is not suitable for our guests with walking difficulties.

Secondly, in order to be protected from the harmful effects of the sun, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen; Do not forget to take your swimsuit and towel with you in order to enjoy Salda Lake and the thermal waters of Pamukkale!

And finally, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes before picking you up from your hotel; so you will not experience any discomfort during the Marmaris White Tour.

Marmaris White Tour (Salda Lake & Pamukkale) Route

It is waiting for you with a wonderful route that will refresh both your mind and soul. For this reason, without wasting any time, we begin to examine our tour step by step!


In order to start our Marmaris White Tour adventure, we will pick you up from your hotel in Marmaris with our fully equipped, comfortable and modern tour bus in the morning (we will let you know the exact time). After gathering all our guests, we will continue on our way to take our first break, accompanied by interesting information from our professional and licensed guide.


Before we reach Salda Lake, we will take a break in an area called Kale and we will spend this break in a local restaurant, accompanied by a delicious breakfast. After we fill our stomach and wake up from our sleep, we will proceed to our first stop.

Free Time at Salda Lake

Salda Lake, one of the most important places in Burdur, will stand before us with all its impressiveness and will give a big clue about the beauty of our Marmaris White Tour program; so we’ll be ready to explore it too!

Surrounded by azure waters and a white beach, Lake Salda will impress you with its painting-like purity and beauty. Of course, in the meantime, you can not only be content with watching, but also be one with it. To do this, you can enter the relaxing waters of the lake and feel how your body relaxes. In addition to these, we recommend that you take lots of photos; because you can’t always find a view like this!

We will meet again when the free time in Salda Lake is over.


We will go to a restaurant and take a delicious lunch break to get the energy and fill our bellies to explore Pamukkale from head to toe. Then we will hit the road again and continue our adventure from where we left off.

Free Time in Pamukkale

Marmaris White Tour will continue with a visit to Pamukkale, which is famous for its white mountain, its travertines and Hierapolis, which sits on top like a crown. Along the way, you will learn the importance of this touristic spot, and you will be able to benefit from both its natural beauties and its cultural and historical background. You have many options to consider during your free time:

Pamukkale Travertines: When you come to Pamukkale with Marmaris White Tour, you can’t go back without watching the travertines and taking pictures! For this reason, enjoy climbing Pamukkale Mountain barefoot, the warm thermal waters of the travertines, the healing white mud at the bottom of the pools and completing your walk with a stunning view!

Hierapolis Ancient City: When you complete your white road decorated with Pamukkale travertines and reach the summit, Hierapolis Ancient City will be waiting for you with its historical splendor and ruins. Also known as the Holy City, the passages, walls, columns, marbles, tombs, altars, theaters, libraries and more that have been preserved and preserved in this historical site will greatly nourish your cultural heritage while visiting them. For this reason, we recommend you to stop by here during your free time at Marmaris White Tour Pamukkale stop.

Cleopatra Pool: Again on the summit of Pamukkale Mountain, there is a place you can visit, not only visit, but also swim: Cleopatra Pool. You can spend your time watching the ruins of the ancient city in the pool, which is rumored to have come here to add beauty to the beauty of the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra, and let the healing thermal waters surround you. In order to do this, you will need to pay an entrance fee that is not included in the Marmaris White Tour fee.


When our free time in Pamukkale, our last stop within the scope of Marmaris White Tour, comes to an end, we will get on the bus and leave Pamukkale. After our approximately three-hour journey (there will be short breaks), we will arrive in Marmaris and drop you off at your hotel. Thus, our tour will end successfully.

If you like our content, you can book this tour online, just like the other daily Marmaris tours we organize. You can also contact us without hesitation for other details and all your questions.

Type                                  : Marmaris To Salda And Pamukkale

Counrtry                          : Turkey

City                                     : Marmaris

Departure Time            : 04:30

Return Time                   : 18:30

Tour Start point            : Please be ready on time at the main entrance gate of your hotel.

Don’t Forget                   : Swimming Costumes, Camera,Towels, Sunscream, Sunglasses

What’s Included?          : Lunch BBQ Chicken, Salad, Pasta, Full Insurance,  Transfer

What Excludes               : Personal expenditures Other Food and Drinks not mentioned here.

Notice                                 : It is a Fantastic day just have fun

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