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Meet the Dolphins in Marmaris

Meet the Dolphins in Marmaris

The dolphins are known to help people in their true sense, very faithful and very helpful to injured people. Known as fun and curious animals.
We all know that there are some really special animals

Dolphin Park İn Marmaris

(Cat Dogs, Horses, Dolphins, etc.) that help us to heal and feel good when necessary. It has been proven by experts to have miraculous effects on people who meet dolphins. It is known that dolphins have special properties that increase the healing process in physically or mentally disabled people.

The Dolphin Park

Dophin Park İn Marmaris is the only region in Europe where dolphins live under natural conditions.

In summer, the Dolphin Park organizes rehabilitation programs in addition to various shows for tourists. In addition to rehabilitation programs, if you prefer a closer encounter, you can choose to meet dolphins, swimming or therapy programs.

Type                                    : Meet the Dolphins in Marmaris

Counrtry                           : Turkey

City                                      : Marmaris

Departure Time            : 09:30 / 11: 30 / 13:30 / 15: 30 / 17:00

Tour Duration               : 6 to 8 Minutes For Group Swim/10 Minutes For Couple Swim

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